Chicago, IL

XMarket Uptown stands as a culinary haven for plant-based enthusiasts, a vibrant vegan food hall redefining dining experiences. Nestled under one roof are six distinct and innovative plant-based restaurants, each offering a unique take on cruelty-free gastronomy. Beyond the culinary delights, the establishment boasts a well-stocked bar boasting a complete alcohol license, serving a tantalizing array of vegan cocktails and wines meticulously curated
in collaboration with veganwines.com.

Not stopping there, XMarket Uptown also houses a charming vegan bodega, proudly showcasing the most thoughtfully curated assortment of plant-based products available across the United States. It's a hub where the ethos of compassionate eating meets an elevated culinary adventure, inviting patrons to savor a tapestry of flavors while indulging in a conscious lifestyle.

Los Angeles, CA

The Vegan Popup by XMarket emerges as a captivating haven in the heart of Venice Beach, a sanctuary for conscious consumers seeking an array of curated plant-based essentials. Nestled steps away from the sun-kissed beach, this vegan bodega entices patrons with an exceptional selection of groceries, snacks, and necessities, all sourced from the finest plant-based options. Beyond its evolving offerings, the store has earned renown for crafting delectable vegan sandwiches and serving the finest coffee in the vicinity.

This establishment thrives on collaboration, as embodied by its very name, "The Vegan Popup." Every quarter, the store undergoes a remarkable transformation, embracing a vibrant mural that represents a distinct plant-based brand. Alongside this visual metamorphosis, the menu takes a delightful turn, incorporating products from the featured brand. This innovative approach to marketing facilitates collaborations with brands that pay homage to this evolving canvas, while the store becomes a beacon of education, enlightening customers about the unique product lines. It's a dynamic space where art, sustenance, and conscious consumerism unite, fostering a spirit of exploration and celebration.

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